Industry Accelerators

At DigiClave, we see our Clients as Partners and our Digital transformation program covers all aspect transformation canvas.

DigiClave Accelerators – Artifacts and Toolsets Client’s Sales & Marketing Client’s Technology Client’s Operations
Talent & Knowledge Improvement Sharing DigiClave White papers on specific industry research and trends Augmenting Client’s Talent for Engineering and Operations needs
Client’s Business Processes

Digital presence review and gap sheet

Managed web 2.0 and social media services

Enable feedback loop from Customer

Enterprise IT framework and models

Development operations (devops) tools and utilities

Lean delivery models and agility toolsets

Ready to go artifacts and tool sets for Robotic Process Automation

Managed KPO Services for non-Core Business elements

Client’s Product/Platforms & Industry governance

Smart & dynamic pricing models

extended value delivery artifacts through customer data

Cloud Infra migration support model

COTS products leverage

Sharing Industry “best practices” models

Business process compliance checklist

Any change is a pain. And we understand it fully. Digital transformation is a paradigm shift on how future Business will be run. At Digiclave, we create a canvas for each of our Client’s, so that we can objectively define the journey and roadmap to the next plane.

Our digital journey framework enables us to not only to look at the larger picture of the Organization but also enable Client’s to embark on permanent change with ease – ie. without disturbing the ongoing business

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