For a Financial Industry Client

Client Requirements:

A financial industry client approached DigiClave with a problem statement that required an end-to-end audit and compliance review for one of their critical applications that held sensitive financial data.

Project Execution:

To ensure smooth and efficient project execution, DigiClave followed a score-based metrics model. This model helped in tracking progress and identifying areas that required additional attention.

DigiClave Solution:

DigiClave leveraged its Zero Trust Finance Data Store framework, a comprehensive and robust framework that ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and availability to address the infosec gaps. Our team of experts conducted a thorough audit and implemented all the necessary measures to fill in the gaps.

Result and Benefit:

DigiClave’s diligent efforts paid off when the compliance score of the critical application was raised to 90% in just 3 months of engagement. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and appreciated the team’s expertise and efficient project management skills. The successful implementation of our solution ensured that the client’s sensitive financial data remained secure and confidential, meeting the highest industry standards.