Production Kiosk

Optimize your operations with our Production Kiosk suite of tools, designed to provide real-time monitoring and simulation capabilities for your business. Our Production Kiosk includes:


Assess the security of your cloud infrastructure and network environment with our Cloud Infrastructure and Network Scan. Our expert security analysts use automated tools and manual testing techniques to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure, including misconfigurations, weak authentication and authorization controls, and other common cloud security risks. Improve your business processes and workflows with our Business User Simulation tool. This powerful tool allows you to simulate real-world scenarios and test your business processes in a safe and controlled environment. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily create and run simulations, analyze the results, and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency. Our Business User Simulation tool includes:


Our Infra Monitoring tool enables you to monitor the performance and health of your entire IT infrastructure. This highly customizable tool provides real-time monitoring and alerts for servers, applications, networks, and more, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact your business.


With our Software Monitoring tool, you can gain deep visibility into your software applications and optimize your code. This tool provides detailed performance metrics, including memory and CPU usage monitoring, code profiling, and real-time analytics. It helps you identify issues and improve your overall performance.