Industry COEs

Know-How; Personified Through our Solutions

At DigiClave, we have taken careful steps to nurture industry knowledge and blend it with our center of excellence (COE) Practices so that we can provide deep understanding of the specific needs, challenges, and trends within a particular industry.

Through this knowledge, our consultants are able to provide better insights to our clients and deliver their unique requirements.



The educational technology (edtech) needs has grown significantly in recent years, and this opens more room for adoption of latest innovations in AI, compliance, integrations, efficiencies, and much more…. Read More

Mortgage Tech

Mortgage industry faces a range of challenges, be it tight lending standard, rising interest rates,  lack of inventory, regulatory burdens, and much more.. At DigiClave, our Mortgage Technology suite can get you ahead of the competition…. Read More


Banking services innovation using new technologies such as open banking, AI, BlockChain, etc, can improve the way banks operate and serve their customers. At DigiClave, through our various Fintech solutions, we are confident synergizing our clients digital transformation efforts…. Read More


With our experience on large project implementations, our team can significantly improve end to end operational processes in the healthcare sector. Leveraging data analytics, Automation, and AI, and other technology solutions hospitals can deliver exceptional experience to patients and other stakeholders…. Read More


Improving the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of government services is a key driver as we head towards higher levels of digitization. Our Govtech packages cover you on Data Analytics, Public Safety solutions, Citizen engagement, and more…. Read More

Be it digital transformation, or ongoing support and maintenance, we can deliver. We can help you succeed in today’s digital landscape