Much improved DevSecOps process for a Manufacturing Tech division

Client Requirements:

A manufacturing tech division required a more efficient DevSecOps process to enable smoother code movement between branches, reduce errors and conflicts, and provide a proper rollback mechanism.


  • Multiple movements of code between branches, leading to errors and conflicts.
  • Mixed content issue.
  • No serverless entity.
  • Multi-codes in all environments.
  • No proper rollback. mechanism

DigiClave Solution:

To address these challenges, the DigiClave implemented a range of measures to streamline the DevSecOps process. They created a single branch repo with a sole build script, which was rendered to multiple environments using deployment scripts. This helped to reduce the chances of errors and conflicts.

The team then leveraged AWS services to automate the DevSecOps process. They used Code Pipeline to run the scripts, EC2 services to migrate and move code through the EC2 PEM key, and implemented serverless AWS EBS implementation to enable efficient and cost-effective scaling. The team also used AWS Amplify and Jenkins Automation to further automate the process.


The implementation of a streamlined DevSecOps process led to several benefits for the manufacturing tech division. These included:

  • Smoother code movement between branches, reducing errors and conflicts.
  • Proper rollback mechanism, enabling easier identification and resolution of issues.
  • Improved security through SSL encryption to solve mixed content issues.
  • Efficient and cost-effective scaling through serverless AWS EBS implementation.
  • Automated process through AWS services, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.