Sarah’s Experience with MedConsent

Client Requirements:

Sarah was scheduled for a minor surgical procedure at her local hospital and wanted full information about the procedure before giving her consent. However, she had some language barriers that made it difficult for her to understand the information provided by the hospital staff.


Sarah had concerns that she was not getting enough information about the procedure, and her language barriers made it difficult for her to understand the information provided by the hospital staff. This left her feeling anxious and uncertain about the upcoming surgery.

MedConsent Solution:

To address these issues, the hospital used MedConsent to send Sarah a message on her WhatsApp that provided detailed information about the procedure. The information included the purpose of the procedure, the type of anesthesia that would be used, and the risks and benefits associated with it. MedConsent also provided a video that walked Sarah through the procedure step-by-step. Importantly, all of the information was provided in Sarah’s own language, making it easier for her to understand.


After reviewing the information provided by MedConsent, Sarah felt more informed and less anxious about the upcoming surgery. She appreciated the fact that MedConsent had made the process more transparent and had given her the information she needed to make an informed decision. When she arrived at the hospital on the day of the procedure, she was given the option to sign a digital consent form through MedConsent, which she did. This gave her more control over the process and made her feel more comfortable with the care she was receiving. Overall, Sarah felt that MedConsent had addressed her language barriers and concerns, and had improved her experience with the hospital.