Scale to millions of hits

Client Requirements:

 The National School Board of India required a system that could handle a massive surge in traffic on the day of result publishing. The client wanted to ensure that the system could support thousands of hits per minute without any downtime or system outrage, which could negatively impact their reputation.


The main challenge was to optimize and eliminate all constraints that could limit scaling and ensure that there were no single points of failure in the system. The client needed a reliable and scalable solution that could handle a sudden surge in traffic and maintain fast response times, despite the increased load.

DigiClave Solution:

To address the client’s requirements, the company focused on deep vertical scaling and supported 100% horizontal scaling. The binding factors, including CPU, Memory, DB, and Network, were identified, and any bottlenecks in the system were eliminated. The team used simulated tests to ensure that the system could handle the expected traffic load and made any necessary optimizations and configurations to ensure reliable performance.


The solution allowed the National School Board of India to handle 1.3 million hits per minute with a sustained load above this level for 15 minutes. The UI response time was under 500ms, and no slowness issues were reported. By optimizing and configuring the system, the client was able to avoid any system outrage or downtime, ensuring a positive reputation and user experience. The client was certified for real-world scenarios, and the scalable solution could be leveraged for future events or situations requiring a high volume of traffic handling.