Case Study: CICD

CICD / Front-End Automation

Multiple movements of codes between the branches which is prone to errors/conflicts.

  • Mixed content issue.
  • No serverless entity.
  • Multicodes in all environments.
  • No proper rollback mechanism.

One branch repo with sole build script rendering to multiple environments using deployment scripts.

  • Code pipeline to run the script.
  • Serverless AWS EBS implementation.
  • SSL encryption for solving mixed content issues.
  • Migration and movements of code through the EC2 PEM key.
  • AWS amplify.
  • AWS EC2 services.
  • AWS code pipelines using NodeJS.
  • Jenkins Automation.
Case Studies of Growth and Impact

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. Here are some examples of successful projects we have delivered:

Case Study: Migrate to Cloud Managed Database
Case Study: CICD
March 27, 2023