Case Study: Visa Approval Process

Creation of Various Stages in the Visa Approval and Make it a Streamlined Process

  • To make a process for the client in such a way that his customers never went out of the process and the client can have access to all the documents without manually saving them.
  • Various automation is used to create and store the documents and also services of STRIPE payment gateway were taken to digitalize the payment process. 
  • For verifying documents digitally and getting signatures from the customers, we took the services of E-sign and made it easier for the client to even store the signed documents.

The organization was facing issues in that they are not able to keep their customers in the process and they do not want the customers to do much work except filling their general contact information, also they want to digitalize the payment and sign process. As Bitrix24 Solution Partners, we provided them with a streamlined process solution, such that neither their customer nor they went out of the registration process, and also provided a digitized method for payment and signature. 

Creation of a smooth-running and streamlined process for the client to register for the Visa Application Process. 

The implementation plan is to digitalize the payment and signature services through STRIPE payment services and E-sign. Also, storing them directly in their drive helped them to overcome the challenge of saving them manually. It helped their customers to stay in the process and reduced their organization’s workload.

As a Bitrix24 Partner, we provided our expertise in Bitrix implementation, to help the organization in making their visa approval process streamlined. STRIPE’s digital payment services and E-sign’s Digital signature facility eased out the complete digitalization of the visa payment and signature procedure for both customers and the organization.

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March 27, 2023